Aliensche! was HiVE interactive’s entry into Ludum Dare LDJAM #33. The original version was made in ~34 hours. The new version (v0.1.2)  is online now and ready to download or play online.

View Aliensche! on Ludum Dare

Play Aliensche on Gamejolt

Collect cows and avoid projectiles as an invading alien in an unidentified craft!

As an extra terrestrial, you are obviously fascinated by Earth’s bovine inhabitants. Your mission is to collect super cute cow specimens for your research requirements by delivering them to them to the mother ship. However, the Cow Defense Forces have been mobilized! You will need to catch cows while avoiding their attacks so you will have to keep mooooooving. Remember, if you are in trouble you can utilize your advanced cow collecting technology as a weapon against the defenders – pick them up and throw them down hard, or grab their missiles and send them back!

Aliensche_v0.1.1_ScreenShot_2Aliensche_v0.1.1_ScreenShot_1 Aliensche_v0.1.1_ScreenShot_3

So voting is over! I’d like to thank everyone who voted and took time to play my entry into LD#33. Here is how I went for my first ever Ludum Dare – I was very happy to place in the top 100 for ‘Fun’ and in the top 200 for ‘Overall’!

LudumDareResultsI have been hard at work on a new post-jam version of the game – it’s done! I could not have made all the improvements without the constructive criticism I received from the amazing Ludum Dare community.

This past weekend I took Aliensche! to a local play testing event to get feedback and document reactions, people seemed to have a lot of fun catching cows:

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