On Saturday, FTI’s Playup Perth hosted Australian games industry champion Greens Senator Scott Ludlam as a special guest for an equally special night to celebrate and advocate for the WA games industry. While Playup Perth is usually a playtesting event for new, unreleased games, last Saturday’s event was all about showcasing our local WA game talent. HiVE showcased Blitz Bandits and Aliensche and also participated in a short discussion with the Senator regarding the health of the creative sector and the growth of the games development community in Western Australia. Scott seemed to enjoy Aliensche quite a bit and described it as “the most sticky game he has played in a while”, he couldn’t stop playing! Great night and good to see so many new faces, hopefully we can all make the inquiry into games funding a success.

FTI’s write up for Playup Perth: Support WA Games Edition

Photos of Playup Perth: Support WA Games Edition


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